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Canceling Trump’s Anti ESA Rules

By David Robinson, June 7, 2021

The news was anticipated but not guaranteed.

We already knew that President Biden supported the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and endangered species conservation more than his predecessor. On the first day in office, Biden announced his administration would review regulatory actions taken in the prior four years, which involved the Endangered Species Act, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and other related statutes.  One of his earliest moves was to have the U.S. rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.

On June 4, we learned that the Biden Administration has initiated plans to review and revise a series of Donald Trump era regulations that curtailed protections for threatened and endangered species.


The responsible Federal agencies will focus on “rulemaking in the coming months to revise, rescind, or reinstate” five regulations on the Endangered Species Act that Trump enacted. Those regulations involved substantial changes to how species are listed, and how habitat is protected, and how the federal government considers the impacts of its actions on listed species. Also included will be a rollback of those regs that weaken protections for “critical habitat” areas that listed species require to survive or recover.

(following photos from FWS)

Killer whale

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is committed to working with diverse federal, Tribal, state and industry partners to not only protect and recover America’s imperiled wildlife but to ensure cornerstone laws like the Endangered Species Act are helping us meet 21st-century challenges,” Martha Williams, principal deputy director of the Fish and Wildlife Service, said in a statement.

Grizzly Bear

Environmental groups are cautiously optimistic about this announcement. “The Endangered Species Coalition (ESC) is encouraged by today’s announcement by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration to revise, rescind, or reinstate five Endangered Species Act protections that were stripped by the prior administration,” stated Leda Huta, executive director of the Endangered Species Coalition.

Of course, many other organizations welcomed the news. All will be working overtime to ensure their voices are heard and that the Biden Administration will follow through to keep this significant pledge.

We also have a role to play. That includes supporting the current administration and the numerous environmental groups with their endangered species conservation programs and encouraging our Congressional representatives to do the same.

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Celebrate the Day

By David Robinson (5/5/21)

Endangered Species Day is a special celebration.

The 16th annual international ES Day on May 21 is an opportunity for people to recognize the importance of endangered species conservation. Also, to highlight the everyday actions we can take to help protect threatened and endangered plants and animals and their precious habitats.

Since the U.S. Senate unanimously approved Endangered Species Day in 2006, it has grown dramatically, with hundreds of events and other activities held throughout the U.S. and in other countries. Of course, because of the COVID pandemic, it’s been nearly impossible to organize many public gatherings, so there has been a greater focus on virtual activities.

There are still a variety of ways to celebrate Endangered Species Day 2021. For example, the Endangered Species Coalition has developed the Chalk Art Event and Pollinator Party, and there are other events listed on the Endangered Species Day Event Directory.

This is a great time to visit a nearby nature preserve, zoo, botanic garden, aquarium, or wildlife refuge, reminding ourselves that we share the planet with vulnerable flora and fauna.  Or read a book/watch a movie about the challenges and successes of endangered species conservation.

I’m hoping that even more people will make this year’s Endangered Species Day the beginning (or continuation) of their ongoing commitment to protecting and preserving endangered species. Ideally, they’ll also encourage family members, friends, and others to do the same.

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Look for the Good News

By David Robinson, April 18, 2021

Those who are committed to endangered species conservation—as a vocation or a volunteer opportunity—often find it to be a challenging endeavor.

Especially disturbing are the reports of a plant or animal becoming more threatened, precious habitats destroyed, or the Endangered Species Act attacked.

However, we must constantly remind ourselves of the positive milestones. For example, when environmental organizations and community groups band together to save a vulnerable species from being delisted or protect a specific habitat. There are many success stories of species recovery.

It’s also encouraging to realize so many young people are getting involved. For example, the Endangered Species Coalition’s annual Saving Endangered Species Youth Art contest demonstrates the high level of interest among elementary to high school students. They are learning about endangered species conservation while painting or drawing a favorite animal.

Also, we read about many young people throughout the United States who have done something special. A sixth-grader in Florence County, SC developed a fundraising project to help create a red wolf exhibit for public education; students at a Neosho, MO junior high school formed teams and researched about a specific endangered species, then wrote a script and produced a promotional video to raise awareness; and a 13-year-old artist sold over 300 of her endangered animal paintings and donated more than $70,000 to animal conservation groups.

The many good news stories, along with the inevitable challenges, keep the professionals and volunteers working tirelessly to protect the planet’s iconic and lesser-known species.

Thanks for your support.


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  1. This looks like it will be a pretty good Blog. I am looking forward to future posts and expansions. Since your wife is a wildlife painter, maybe you can show wildlife art on here?


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