About ES Conservation Site

Purpose: The goal of The Endangered Species Conservation Site is to help inform people about the importance of protecting endangered plant and animal species, profile success stories of species recovery, emphasize the critical role of the Endangered Species Act, and highlight the individual actions that we can take. While there is a primary focus (currently) on U.S. species, we will continue to expand the coverage of international endangered species issues.

Director: David Robinson established and coordinates The Endangered Species Conservation Site. David is the founder and former Director of international Endangered Species Day, which the U.S. Senate unanimously approved in 2006 (and previous Education Director for the Endangered Species Coalition). He wrote/published San Diego’s Endangered Species and has written numerous articles on endangered species and other environmental topics and co-authored two books. David previously was a member of the San Diego County Fish & Wildlife Advisory Commission.

Support: Numerous volunteers contribute content and our Advisory Board provides guidance regarding current and future directions. Board members include:

Dr. Wendy Brown:   *Biological Science Instructor, Danville Area Community College (Danville, IL); *Creator of Endangered Species Curriculum for Endangered Species Coalition; *Co-author of Bringing the Endangered Species Message to the Classroom for Green Teacher Magazine.

Courtney Cochran: *Manager, Education Programs at National Wildlife Federation/Community Manager of the NWF EcoLeaders Online Community; *Author of The Campus Wild: How College and University Green Landscapes Provide Havens for Wildlife and “Lands-on” Experiences for Students , A Student’s Guide to How Corporate Oil, Gas, and Coal Money Influences U.S. Energy Policy; *Recipient of the French Broad River Defense Association’s Outstanding Achievement Award and the Roosevelt Ashe Society Outstanding Youth in Conservation Award.

Lew Gorman III: *Chair, Cherry Hill, NJ Environmental Board; *USFWS Retirees Association/Youth Program Coordinator; *Boy Scouts of America, National Conservation Committee (and Liaison with Endangered Species Day); *Formerly a biologist with the Endangered Species Recovery Program at U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Recipient of the National Military Fish and Wildlife Association’s 2009 Natural Resource Conservation Communication, Conservation Partnership Award; The American Trails 2010 State Trail Worker Award for New Jersey; and The Boy Scouts of America Southern New Jersey Council 2011 President’s Award for Exemplary Conservation Actions.

Noah Greenwald: *Endangered Species Director at Center for Biological Diversity, *Directs the Center’s efforts to protect new species under the Endangered Species Act, to ensure that imperiled species receive effective protections and that we have the strongest Endangered Species Act possible. *Holds a bachelor of science in ecology from the Evergreen State College and a master’s in forest ecology and conservation from the University of Washington. *Publications include: Extinction and the U.S. Endangered Species Act, 2019 (Greenwald, N., K. F. Suckling, B. Hartl and Loyal A. Mehrhoff); Taxa, petitioning agency, and lawsuits affect time spent awaiting listing under the US Endangered Species Act, 2016 ( Puckett, E.E., D.C. Kesler, D.N. Greenwald); and Critical Habitat and the Role of Peer Review in Government Decisions, 2012 (Greenwald, D.N., K.F. Suckling, and S. Pimm). *Before joining CBD in 1997, Noah worked as a field biologist, surveying northern spotted owls and marbled murrelets and banding Hawaiian songbirds.

Dr. Gary Krupnick: *Head of the Plant Conservation Unit, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History; *Along with the American Society of Botanical Artists, he co-curated the traveling exhibition, “Losing Paradise? Endangered Plants Here and Around the World,” a convergence of art, science, conservation, and education; *Vice Chair of the steering committee of the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign; *Co-editor of the book Plant Conservation: A Natural History Approach (University of Chicago Press; 2005); Editor of The Plant Press (newsletter of the U.S. National Herbarium).

Richard Louv: *Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of The Children & Nature Network; *Author of 10 books, including Our Wild Calling: How Connecting with Animals Can Transform Our Lives—and Save Theirs, Last Child in the Woods, and The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age; *Audubon Medal recipient; *Received an Honorary Doctorate from the New School of Architecture & Design.

Mitch Merry: *Digital Director, Endangered Species Coalition; *Previously with 21st Century Democrats, training progressive organizers, and a blogger with the Environmental Working Group; *Also a volunteer coordinator with the Presidential Inaugural Committee and an organizer with the Campaign for Change (Obama for America) in Iowa.

Susan Middleton: *Photographer of rare and endangered species since 1986; *co-author of four books with David Liittschwager, including Witness and Remains of a Rainbow (The working process developed by Middleton and Liittschwager is documented in an Emmy Award–winning National Geographic television special America’s Endangered Species: Don’t Say Goodbye, 1997); author of Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates, The Backbone of Life, and Evidence of Evolution (with Mary Ellen Hannibal); *Awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.




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