The ESA @ 50

The Endangered Species Act will be 50 on December 28, 2023. The Act was enacted by the 93rd Congress on December 27, 1973 and signed into law the following day by then President Richard Nixon.

The Act has since had a profound impact on the conservation of threatened and endangered species and their precious habitats. As a result of the protections that have been in place (and the hard work of endangered species conservationists), there are many success stories of species recovery.

During the next 1 1/2 years leading up to 12/28/23, there will be numerous events and special programs highlighting the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act. They will be shared in this space so that you can be aware and participate if possible.

ESA@50 Activities/Programs

ESA@50 Logo Design Contest Announced

By Jeanne Dodds, Endangered Species Coalition

Next year, 2023, is the 50th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act. To celebrate, the Endangered Species Coalition and our Member Organizations are partnering to create a series of events recognizing and honoring the Endangered Species Act. To elevate and recognize the incredible events being planned, we’re seeking your designs for an Endangered Species Act at 50 logo to be used across all Endangered Species Act at 50 events. Events featuring the logo will be in-person and virtual, with the logo used by ESC and our Member Organizations on digital platforms including webpages/websites, social media, and in other locations.

Individual designers and artists as well as design teams are eligible to submit a logo design. We’re looking for designs representing the celebratory tone of Endangered Species Act at 50 events, and which include one more more species of animals or plants which have benefited from the Act’s protection. Inclusive designs featuring multiple species of plants and animals and showing Environmental Justice themes are highly encouraged.

All logos submitted will be included in a two-round juried competition. The first round will be a jury representing conservation professionals from ESC Member Organizations where semifinalist logos will be chosen to advance for a public vote, with the winning artist/designer or team being awarded $500 and recognition for the logo creation.

Entries open today, September 12th and close Monday, October 10th. The semi-finalists will be announced in late October for public vote, and the winning logo will be announced in early November. For complete guidelines and a link to enter your design, visit the entry page.

**Other 50th Anniversary Programs/Activities

Other potential events and other activities to recognize the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act could include:

*Writing contest for young people. (being developed)

*Tours of wildlife refuges to get a first-hand look at success stories.

*12 months of activities throughout 2023.

*Workshops, teach-ins, film screenings and other educational events.

*Exhibits in museums and galleries.

Please check back to see the schedule of activities that are planned.

Special Resources

Meanwhile, there are opportunities to get a “head start” on the ESA anniversary activity. The following resources will provide additional information on the ES Act.


The Endangered Species Act (A Stanford Environmental Law Society handbook) 1st Edition, by Stanford Environmental Law Society (Author) “This handbook is a comprehensive guide to the federal Endangered Species Act, the primary U.S. law aimed at protecting species of animals and plants from human threats to their survival.”

A Wild Success (produced by Endangered Species Coalition)

Endangered Species Act: Law, Policy, and Perspectives, Third Edition Paperback – January 1, 2021, by Donald Baur (Editor), Ya-Wei Li (Editor) “With chapters written by experienced ESA practitioners from a variety of professional backgrounds, this is an authoritative yet practical guide to the ESA, its most critical sections, the twists and turns of its implementation, and the cutting-edge issues facing the protection of endangered wildlife and its habitat.”

(More to follow)

Special Publications

Top 10 Report from Endangered Species Coalition: Back From the Brink: 10 SUCCESS STORIES CELEBRATING THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT AT 40

Endangered Species Act Lesson Plans

Endangered Species Act Lesson Plan for 6th – 8th Grade :

This Endangered Species Act Lesson Plan is suitable for 6th – 8th Grade. “Students spend the duration of this lesson examining the text of the Endangered Species Act. Individually, they complete a profile to determine where they stand on the bill and read excerpts.”


Will add here.


Advancing Science in the Endangered Species Act: A Toolkit for Scientists (from Union of Concerned Scientists):