ES Artwork

Enjoy viewing these wonderful endangered species illustrations:

*Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest 2020 Semi-finalists:

rustypatchedbee-150x150 Grand Prize Winner of 2020 Contest: Isis Stevens  (age 14),

*Captivating photos by Susan Middleton, noted author and photographer: 

Below are the front and back covers of Witness, Susan Middleton’s and David Liittschwager’s celebrated book. As Susan explained, the striking images of the Florida Panther and the Presidio Manzanita shown together carries a message: “We need to be attentive to the charismatic megafauna, AND the less-conspicuous and celebrated species that are just as important to how life works.”

Susan1  Susan2

*Whatcom Museum:

*Center for Biological Diversity Mural Project:

Below  mural features the white fringeless orchid, a rare and beautiful  plant with a light-green stem and clusters of white flowers, by Roger Peet and Tricia Tripp in Berea, Kentucky.


*My Modern Met (interview):

*(More to follow)