Stop Extinction Challenge Makes a Difference

Stop Extinction Challenge Will Make a Difference

By David Robinson, July 14, 2021

Do you wonder whether your opinion regarding endangered species conservation makes a difference? Is your voice heard by decision makers?

Take the Endangered Species Coalition’s Stop Extinction Challenge on August 19 and your senators and their staffs will listen.

Sarah Starman, National Grassroots Organizer at the Endangered Species Coalition, recently emphasized that, “We are experiencing a devastating mass extinction event caused by human activities. We need Congress to take bold action to conserve and expand habitat, fully fund protections for species, and ensure a sustainable and equitable future for our communities—before it’s too late.”

On August 19, the fifth annual Stop Extinction Challenge, you can join a virtual lobby meeting with your senator’s office to “speak out against extinction.”

“When senators see constituents like you taking the time to show up to a meeting, they pay attention and listen closely,” Starman added. “With dozens of meetings happening around the country, we’ll show our elected officials that they need to make wildlife issues a priority.”

Get started on this exciting Challenge by participating in an upcoming one-hour orientation and lobbying training, and then be connected with the lobby team in your home state. You will be ready to share your important opinion about critical wildlife legislation and policies.

So, I encourage you to sign up for an orientation session on either July 17 or July 19.

This is the chance for you, your family members, friends, and others to be heard. Take the Stop Extinction Challenge. You will be making a difference.

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