Get Ready for ESA’s 50th Anniversary

-The Celebration Will Continue Through 2023

By David Robinson (September 13, 2022)-

December 28, 1973 is a milestone date that all conservationists have starred on their perpetual calendars.

That was the day when President Richard Nixon signed into law the Endangered Species Act. The U.S. Supreme Court described it as “the most comprehensive legislation for the preservation of endangered species enacted by any nation.”

Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the ESA and it will be celebrated throughout the United States and beyond.

The ESA currently protects more than 1,600 plant and animal species in the United States and its territories, many of which are successfully recovering. Since it was established, the ESA has kept an estimated 227 species from potentially going extinct. Of the approximately 1,800 species ever listed under the Act, only nine have been declared extinct—a 99 percent save rate.

A long list of congressional reps/senators, dedicated environmental organizations, and endangered species conservation advocates have helped protect the Act that protects vulnerable species.

Of course, there have been others who have worked hard to dismantle or otherwise impede the ESA.

But the focus should be on the positive. That is why the Endangered Species Coalition and its Member Organizations are partnering to create a series of events recognizing and honoring the Endangered Species Act.

The Endangered Species Coalition recently announced one of the first activities: a design contest for an Endangered Species Act at 50 logo to be used with all events. Individual designers and artists as well as design teams are eligible to submit a logo design. Entries opened on September 12th and close October 10th. Artists can review the contest guidelines and then start designing.

The 50th anniversary planners are also scheduling an essay contest for young people and a variety of other programs and events. Check back with this site’s ESA@50 page to see additional plans.

During the next 15 months, there will be some wonderful opportunities to learn more about ESA successes and how you can be involved.


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