Celebrate The Endangered Species Act

*The ESA’s Year-long 50th Anniversary Celebration is Underway

By David Robinson, January 16, 2023

You have probably noticed that the Endangered Species Act (ESA) has received more attention than usual lately.

Of course, that’s because the ESA is 50 years old this year. President Nixon signed this life-saving law on December 28, 1973.

Recent headlines have announced:

How Successful Has the Endangered Species Act Been in its 5 Decades of Protection?

Wildlife saved from extinction as the Endangered Species Act turns 50

50 years of the Endangered Species Act: Has it had a measurable impact?

Most print and online articles have focused on how effective the Act has been, highlighting the many success stories of species recovery. The landmark legislation has helped the bald eagle, southern sea otter, green sea turtle, American alligator, and numerous other species to recover.

You will be reading and watching much more about the ACT throughout the year. You’ll also discover what groups and individuals are doing to celebrate this significant milestone. For example, the Endangered Species Coalition and its member organizations are planning various events and activities for teachers, students, youth group leaders, conservation advocates, and others. Learn more now, and then continue checking back for updates.

Let’s continue working together to protect endangered plant and animal species and their precious habitats. We have 12 months to learn and take action. And then plan what we need to do during the next 50 years.


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