Plan to Celebrate Endangered Species Day

David Robinson, April 28, 2022

Please circle Friday, May 20 on your calendar if you haven’t already done so.

That is the 17th annual Endangered Species Day, which people throughout America and other countries will celebrate. They will be showing how much they care about protecting threatened and endangered species and their precious habitats.

Of course, we currently share other worldwide concerns, with the war in Ukraine at the top of the list. The Ukrainian people have suffered greatly. It is a frightening, uncertain time.

But if you can set aside a few hours that focus on protecting plants and animals, I urge you to recognize Endangered Species Day. There is a menu of activities from which to choose. For example, you could enter the nationwide Chalk Art Competition (May 20-22) or participate in the “17 for the 17th Nature Walks” series. The Endangered Species Day website highlights both activities.

On Endangered Species Day or that weekend, you can also plant a pollinator garden. Organize an in-person or virtual event such as a talk, film screening, speaker presentation/discussion, or trivia night. You could assist with a habitat clean-up project, lead a children’s program, or participate in other activities related to the conservation of threatened and endangered species. You can celebrate the day on your own or encourage family and friends to join you.

We can’t forget about the horrific tragedy occurring in Ukraine. However, celebrating Endangered Species Day can provide a brief respite from worrying about another war. Plus, you will be making a difference in the ongoing challenge of protecting vulnerable species.


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