Celebrate Endangered Species Day

*There are a variety of ways to participate in ES Day 2022.

By David Robinson, April 4, 2022

Looking for a great way to show your support for endangered species conservation? Celebrate the 17th annual international Endangered Species Day on May 20.

Every year thousands of people throughout America and in other countries recognize Endangered Species Day by participating in events and other activities. There are a variety of options.

“We encourage you to plan an event in your community,” said Sarah Starman, Endangered Species Day Director and National Grassroots Organizer for the Endangered Species Coalition. “For example, you could organize an in-person or virtual event such as a talk, film screening, discussion, trivia night, habitat clean-up, pollinator garden planting, children’s program, or any other activity related to threatened and endangered species.”

The nationwide Chalk Art Competition (May 20-22) and the “17 for the 17th Nature Walks” series are two major events planned for Endangered Species Day.

Learn more about how you can be involved in these and other activities. Encourage family members, neighbors, and others to participate with you.

By celebrating Endangered Species Day, you will help demonstrate the importance of protecting threatened and endangered species and their precious habitats. You will be making a difference.


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