Recognizing ES Conservation Heroes

By David Robinson, 1/24/22

This time I would like to highlight some good news. And I’d appreciate your help.

Rather than address the prevalent negative news, such as the plight of one or more endangered species, I want to accent the positive. That means highlighting those individuals and organizations that have done something special to help protect a threatened/endangered plant or animal.

I hope you will let me know about the endangered species conservation heroes in your community. It could be an environmental group introducing a unique “save the species” campaign. Or an educator teaching students about the importance of protecting species and their precious habitats. Perhaps a local city council member or state legislator has made a heroic effort to ensure the safety of a vulnerable species. Or a young person who has organized a habitat clean-up project. Some of the actions will involve significant programs or initiatives. Others may seem less grand but are still invaluable contributions. All will demonstrate that our everyday actions do make a difference. 

Please send your suggestions to The Endangered Species Conservation Site at I will then share the accomplishments during the next several weeks and beyond.

Of course, I will continue writing about the challenges that face threatened and endangered species. But I also want to showcase the excellent work that others do regularly.

Thanks for your support and for visiting this place.

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