Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest Teaches/Inspires

By David Robinson, February 10, 2022

Are you a young artist? An art teacher? A parent (or relative) of K-12th grade children?

Then you should be aware of the annual Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest. This special contest was developed and is coordinated by the Endangered Species Coalition.

I encourage young artistS to participate. But please hurry, because March 1 is the deadline for submissions.

Each year, young artists from throughout the country enter their drawings, paintings, and other artwork. Their creations are then reviewed by judges who select a grand prize and grade category winners. The judges are always impressed with the art they review, using terms like “amazing,” “incredible,” and “gifted.” You can see how talented the artists are by viewing last year’s entries.

Grand prize winner from 2021 contest: Crested Honeycreeper by Phoebe Chien

As the former Endangered Species Day director, I had the privilege of helping to organize the contest. I soon realized what a great educational experience it is for the artists and their teachers. Of course, this gives students an opportunity to enhance their artistic skills. But it also helps them develop an appreciation for endangered species conservation. In addition, the contest shows teachers and the rest of us how creative and caring young people can be.

“Visual art is a reflection of culture and, as such, among the most powerful shapers of cultural identities,” said Jeanne Dodds, the Endangered Species Coalition’s Creative Engagement Director and art contest coordinator. “The Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest is a wonderful opportunity for youth to explore how threatened and endangered wildlife are important to them personally and culturally. It allows young people the space to express their ideas about how wildlife and plants are meaningful to them and provides them with a way of visually showing others these passions and concerns.”

Learn more about the Saving Endangered Species Youth Art contest and then quickly share the news with others.

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