Being Realistic & Positive…About Endangered Species Conservation

By David Robinson, 3/14/22

It’s sometimes difficult for endangered species advocates to remain positive.

A good friend involved in endangered species conservation recently noted that many of his associates are more cynical than usual.

Of course, it’s easy to see why veteran conservationists may have a negative outlook. They face ongoing roadblocks to protecting wolves, grizzly bears, manatees, orcas, plants, various plants, and other threatened/endangered species. There is often half-hearted support from the current Administration, government agencies, and others. Endangered species organizers get frustrated at the general lack of awareness about Biodiversity 101 and the necessity to care for vulnerable species. It’s hard to ignore that achieving critical goals often involves two steps forward and a step+ backward.

I would never presume to offer advice to those who have been more active in the heroic efforts to protect endangered species and their precious habitats. However, those of you who are passionate about but perhaps not yet directly involved in endangered species conservation should maintain a glass-half-full attitude. Don’t let the negative news keep you from continuing to volunteer your invaluable efforts.

Strive to balance the inevitable challenges with the positive developments. Consider the many success stories of species recovery. Focus on the accomplishments resulting from the Endangered Species Act. Remember the many organizations and individuals who work daily to protect and conserve. Be encouraged that so many young people are getting involved.

Yes, there will be difficult days ahead. But don’t get overly frustrated. Keep doing something to help and know that your everyday actions make a difference.

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